Plan B Coaching Program

    “My Personal Coaching Program Teaching You Exactly How
    To Build A Personalized Action Plan For Success”

      Dear friend,

      Deborah Robertson

      Deborah Robertson

      I want to start out this letter by telling you one thing up front. I’ve never opened up a coaching program like this one, and to be honest I’m going to have to be very careful who I let in this program.

      There’s a chance you might not be one of them. I realize that sounds harsh, but I’ve learned that when it comes to personally helping people build 6 figure businesses, there are many people who aren’t able, or willing to do what it takes to get there.

      And for both our sakes, your time and my own, I need to make sure you’re a great fit – so keep reading and let’s find out.

      Let me ask you this before moving forward:

      • Are you 100% sure you really want to build a six-figure internet business?
      • Are you willing to sweat out the hard work required to get to financial freedom?
      • And straight to the point...
      • Are you willing to pay the price to get there?

      Does that sound like you? Because I’m looking for people who truly want to throw themselves into this and start making money like they’ve never seen before, and start living the life they’ve dreamed of living.

      I know they’re out there and my only question is if you are one of them.

      You know when I got started in online marketing, I got very frustrated and had several months where I really did not treat my business like a business.  That hurt me.  I wasn't focused because I didn't know what to focus on.  I was getting all these emails from everyone telling me what I needed to do or buy.  All I found myself doing was spending money that I did not need to spend. But, I really wanted to learn and I thought that was the best way to learn.  Boy, was I wrong.

      All I was doing was getting more "stuff" that I still didn't know anything about and just getting more confused and frustrated.



      Then I did something that would change my entire life.

      I found myself a mentor.

      More than one actually, more on that in just a moment.

      It wasn’t easy, but I went to every seminar, networking event, and conference I could and asked around if there was anyone who I could trust to teach me everything I needed to know and make sure I was doing it right.

      And it's that last part that’s key, why?

      Because there are many different aspects to building the kind of online business that actually makes profit, month after month, year after year.

      Think about it, if you’ve been trying to make it work online for any amount of time you’ve surely run into the wall before.

      You read about a new SEO or Traffic technique, and try as you might you just can’t make it work the way it’s supposed to. Most people blame the information... but if you’ve never seen it done correctly, how will you know if it’s the information that’s bad, or just the implementation?

      It’s tough. I know from my own experience.

      The reality is that I spent a TON of time working with some incredible people, my mentors,

      After talking to dozens and dozens of people, I managed to find someone who enjoyed coaching new internet entrepreneurs and who would do it at a fair price.

      Everything suddenly got easier.

      If I had trouble picking a headline for a salesletter, my mentor would say “Pick this one.”

      If I didn’t know what type of product I should create next, my mentor would say, “That one you mentioned yesterday is the one to go with.”

      I was absolutely amazed at how much more I was able to accomplish, just by having that special expert direction on where to move forward. The times of just stumbling in the dark were over. I had a guide that gave a helping hand to me at all times so I was never overwhelmed or intimidated by the next step.

      I promised to tell you more about some of them and I’m happy to do so. I’ve masterminded with and gotten one on one coaching from some incredible people like:

      Matt LloydMatt Lloyd: Matt’s an incredible success story in his own right. He managed to build a multi-million dollar international powerhouse of a company, starting from complete scratch after dropping out of college.

      He’s taught me more than I can possibly put into this letter today. I value his advice and judgement.

      TJTJ Rohleder: Who I like to call “the 150 million dollar man” he’s been making money online since, well as far as I can tell since the internet’s been around.

      shaqirAnd let me not forget Shaqir – I call him the wonder kid. This guy’s created 3 million dollar businesses... all by the age of 25. He’s provided me with insights that I might never have thought of. His brain is working 24/7 and I can always count on him to push me in the right direction.

      These people have helped me get to the point I’m at right now, and have allowed me to be in a position to help you too.

      Of course, you can try to go it alone, lots of people have. (And lots have failed)

      Here’s the thing, if you surround yourself with people who are already doing the thing you want to do... and you can associate with them, talk to them, let them coach you on what’s working and what’s not, your chance of success skyrockets.

      And that’s what I’d like to do for you. I want to take you by the hand and become your mentor, your coach, your personal accountability partner.

      I want to set you up for success, break through any obstacles you might have and help you create a sustainable 6 figure business, where you’re in charge of your own life. You set the goals, you set the hours, you make the rules.

      I can’t stress enough how much further behind the curve I’d be right now if it weren’t for that “ah ha” moment that led me to finding my own mentors and coaches.

      With that, I’d like to introduce:

      Plan B Coaching Program

      • 30' Bi-Weekly strategy sessions on SKYPE
      • Look over my shoulder just like we are sitting right beside each other
      • First session is always free to determine if we are a good fit for each other.

      Plan B Coaching Program Fastest Path to Six-Figure Freedom

      By now I figure you ought to be pretty clear on why this kind of one-on-one coaching is so incredibly important to your success online, and finding the real money trail.

      All of the people I’ve met so far who are working and succeeding online have been through a coaching program, or learned from someone willing to take them under their wing.

      You’re thinking, but wait, what about all those “self made gurus” out there?

      About that. It’s the same myth that perpetuates the music scene.

      I call it the “Overnight Sensation Syndrome”

      For the most part, there are no overnight sensations. Each and every one of the truly successful musicians, or online entrepreneurs have had help every step of the way to get to that perceived “Overnight Sensation”

      And that’s true in almost every other area of life too. Nobody becomes a mega success all by themselves. I just shared with you a couple of the people who have helped me most, and I’m absolutely certain as I continue to grow my business, there will be more.

      I think that at every step along the way, the right people tend to show up in your life. That may be exactly why you’re here today.

      When I decided to create this coaching program for you, I structured it so it would not take too much of your time, but instead would give you the exact instructions that you need to take your business to the next level.

      Not only that, I’m there for you every step of the way.

      Many of the lesser coaching programs out there today simply don’t want to put in the time or effort to really connect with the students.

      I’m not going to do that. I’ve learned from some of the best and I’ll be giving you top-notch information to make sure you succeed.

      But it’s not only about the information.

      The other thing that I’ve learned from my coaches and mentors is that left to our own devices, humans tend to be a lazy lot.

      I’m just as guilty as anyone else. I can’t imagine how many hours I wasted “trying” things and not really “doing” anything at all.

      That’s why when you join Plan B Coaching Program you’re going to have me there by your side to make sure things are happening.

      Holding you accountable for actually DOING the things you need to do, and not just talking about it. Talk is cheap. The people who are really making a killing online are the ones who actually implement the things they talk about.

      And that’s exactly what I’m going to do for you.

      So, here’s how I’ve set up Plan B Coaching Program to be of the most benefit to you and help you build a 6 figure business.


      26 Private Mentorship calls on SKYPE With a Diamond Mentor


      12 Months of Private Mentorship calls With Me, Your Coach To Build Your 6 Figure Business.


      I will personally work with you one on one.

      Because personal coaching is time consuming,  I am limited to only four students a month so spaces quickly fill up.

        During our sessions together we’ll make sure you have the exact plan in place to go step by step toward your success. If I don’t know an answer or there’s something that we need to have help with, I’ll personally reach out to one of my mentors and get you the answers you deserve.

        I personally make sure that you are set up and know exactly how to get you to your goal and am willing to hold your hand every step of the way. You could screw almost everything else up, and as long as you follow your my instructions, success is an inevitability.

        I won’t just teach you “traffic secrets” and online marketing tactics (though there are plenty of those you’ll learn). Along with all the tactical strategy, you are going to build up your name so you can rank as a top “guru” in your own niche, if that’s what you choose to do. There is a steady formula to becoming the “go-to” person in your niche and I’ll take you step-by-step to becoming the expert that the highest-paying customers want to learn from.

        We’ll also share an online journal to keep you up to date with your progress, assignments, challenges and successes.

        Remember, we want to make sure there’s accountability. Nothing happens without taking the necessary steps and implementing your plan.

        This way, if you run into a rough spot and put it in your journal, we will notice and I’ll offer feedback quickly to keep you from going too far in the wrong direction. This also cuts out a lot of the “email chasing” and confusion that slows down coaching success other programs.

        Immediate Access To My Private Client-Only Mastermind Group On Facebook.

        This one’s more important than I can quantify. There’s no better way to collaborate with me, and my most successful coaching clients than this.

        In this private group we cover things in detail. When I see something that’s working for someone else, I post it. I’m also there to answer your questions as we work through your coaching.

        In the past this was all done over the phone with endless calls and ridiculous scheduling. Now, places like Facebook give us the power to be in communication all the time.

        One of the most important benefits you’re going to get out of this group is the interaction with other coaching students. Who knows, you may even find a partnership that launches your business into the stratosphere.

        This is where you rub shoulders with other people finding success. And most of them are willing to share their own results, and answer questions.

        You’re going to love this group. It will become your go to resource for new ideas and techniques to move your business forward.

        This is also a great place for you to hear each other’s success stories from the Plan B Coaching Program It’s amazing how inspired and motivated you get from seeing your coaching-mates hit new heights in their business.

        Bonus 1:   One Monthly Live Q & A Webinar

        Something interesting happened when I opened up this program. Like I said earlier, I pick the best of the best to coach for me. They must be six-figure entrepreneurs in order to help lead my students to the same level.

        Because of this, they are very busy with their own ventures as well as coaching this program.

        Despite this, they love helping students like you succeed and want to offer more coaching even beyond what I give you and what you get in your personal one-on-one coaching sessions.

        So in addition to your webinars with me, you also get one webinar a month with a Coach to answer any questions you might have and get even more direction on how to build your business to the maximum level.

        This will also make your one-on-one sessions that much more powerful because you can ask for help in the group webinar, then implement the changes, and save that precious time with your one-on-one coach for laser-focused coaching to get your business even more refined to perfection.

        Bonus 2:  Copy of my book, Plan B:  How Real People Are Using the Internet to Create a Second Income

        I know that the fastest way to success is to hear stories of other successful people.  They inspire you to continue even when you feel like quitting.  In this book, I interviewed 12 successful online entrepreneurs to find out all about their journey and now I am able to share those journeys with you in this book.

        The benefit to you is that it can make your learning curve even shorter.  You will hear their challenges and their struggles.  They even tell you if they had to start all over again, what they would have done differently.

          Opportunity to Become a Coach Once You Hit Six Figures

          I get this question a lot:

          “Deborah, can I coach for you?”

          I always appreciate it when a student wants to begin his or her coaching career with me. It truly is a rewarding and very lucrative business to be involved in.

          There is a lot of money to be made in coaching if you’re excellent at what you do and have a passion for helping others. If you give me your full effort in Plan B Coaching Program and reach the level of success you came in for, you might get a chance to coach in this program yourself.

          This is by invite only and you have to have proven you have mastered the Coaching principles in your own business first.

          That being said, you are getting the most cutting edge internet marketing tactics available in Plan B Coaching Program, so if you put everything into your sessions, do all your follow-up assignments, and show me your mastery of internet marketing, I don’t see why I wouldn’t want you on my team.

          Bonus  3: Free Ticket to The Home Business Summit

          Every month,  my partner and I  put on a seminar where the latest techniques and  what’s really working in internet marketing are shared.

          You will get access to the top-strategies that top earners are using every day to make hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

          Here’s what you get when you come to the conference:

          • Guest speaker presentations by the online marketing experts who have literally created millionaires with their trainings. (Hearing any of their products or trainings usually costs $2000 or more!)
          • A chance to network with the top internet marketers of the industry. We will have some of the most successful online entrepreneurs all in one auditorium for you to meet.
          • Are you a marketing consultant, copywriter, or web tech expert? Here is your chance to grab five-figure clients. It’s no secret that conferences like this are where the really big deals happen.
          • Possibly better than all of the above… you get the chance to corner the experts and introduce yourself, ask your questions, and get noticed as an up-and-coming entrepreneur. You never know when you will make a connection with that one person that will make you the next $1 million. You will have opportunity for special network contacts, closed-door mastermind group invitations, and access to some of the top internet marketing gurus.

          The Guarantee Question

          So at this point, most if not all other products and coaching programs and even ridiculous $7 free trial offers say: “of course there’s a guarantee!” or “I probably shouldn’t do this, but sure, you can have all your money back if you change your mind down the road.”

          But here’s the thing. It diminishes results.

          It really does.

          And it all comes down to that little thing we’ve been talking about, and that’s implementation.

          If you know you have a “get out of jail free” card in your pocket, you might well use it, if the going gets tough. But if you truly want to build a 6 figure business… you should KNOW that there’s going to be some work to be done.

          In fact, I said it at the very start of this letter.

          With coaching, offering you a guarantee is like telling you it’s ok to fail, and that’s after we’ve both put blood sweat and tears into our relationship.

          Not only that, I’ve found that there’s more dedication, more commitment and far more success when everyone has some skin in the game.

          The ones that “give it a try,” end up missing calls, being late on assignments, and just kinda pucker around, even if they go through the whole program and don’t ask for a refund.

          From the beginning, I decided that Plan B Coaching Program was going to be a special kind of experience where both me and my students would be 100% committed to success.  We would burn our boats from the beginning and make it to our goals or bust, no turning back.

          So there is no guarantee on this.  If you were even looking for a guarantee, this program is most likely not for you.

          I don’t say that to be rude, but if you've stayed with me this far, I think you get exactly what I mean here.

          I don’t want to waste my time on students who quit after the first three months.  Instead, all of my students for this course will be committed to sticking with it for a full year.

          If your response to this was “Uh oh, I’m not so sure about this,” then I think you should go with your gut and find a more casual program that will let you put off making a decision about your future.

          If your response was, “Yes! I can’t wait to get started!” then you are one of the people I’m looking for this program and I can’t wait to meet you.

          I only have a few spots… so here are the next steps:

          If you think you qualify for the Plan B Coaching Program then go ahead and fill out the application for membership.

          I will review it and in a week or two, we’ll let you know if you’re accepted.  We’ll talk on the phone, and if we’re both ready to go, we’ll get you an agreement to sign and get started.

          From there, we’ll schedule your first call and get you started.

          You’ll go over what your objectives are for this month and the upcoming year.  If you’re in the early stages of your business, our plan will be to get you to the six-figure mark within the year.

          If you’re already in the six figures, we’ll work on getting you up to the high six figures this year.

          If these numbers sound intimidating for you, remember that Plan B Coaching Program is my most advanced training and this is why I only want go-getters and winners in it.

          The six-figure entrepreneur lifestyle is not for everyone.  You get definite, comfortable, lucrative freedom, but there is a price, which is hardcore focus and nonstop dedication to achieving your goals.

          During this year, if you have to decide between attending a mentoring call or a friend’s party, I want you to know the decision (the right one)

          During this year, if you have to decide between watching a new movie in theaters and finishing an assignment, I expect you to catch the movie another time when your project is done.

          Your reward for this?

          Your very own six-figure online business in 12 months.

          I’d say that’s worth it.  Once you have your business up and running, you can watch all the movies you want and attend every social event on your calendar.  Only you can decide if you’re the type of person that can delay gratification for just a short while, so you can achieve your dreams.


          P.S. – As a quick recap, you get:

          • 26 One-On-One Coaching Calls for a half hour each with one of my hand-picked mentors, complete with advice and specific step-by-step instructions to take your business to six figures
          • 12 Monthly Live Webinar Calls where I personally take your questions and coach you on your business.

          • Autographed copy of "Plan B: How Real People Are Using the Internet to Create A Second Income."

          • Opportunity to become a Coach (by invite only)

          • Free Ticket to The Home Business Summit where you’ll have the opportunity to meet experts in the field and learn some of the most powerful and profitable internet marketable techniques
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